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Periodica de re canonica
Periodica de re canonica
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AuthorGianpaolo Montini
TitleLa competenza di merito della Segnatura Apostolica nel pensiero di P. Ignacio Gordon, S.J.
PeriodicalPeriodica de re canonica
ISSN 2610-9212 —  2611-4054

This article retraces the thought of Fr. I. Gordon, S.J. on the contentious administrative litigation that was inaugurated in 1967 in the Sectio Altera of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura with the Apostolic Constitution of Paul VI Regimini Ecclesiae universae. In particular, the coherence of the position and the development of the reasons in support of an interpretation of this new vehicle of canonical administrative justice, free of any formalism and in favor of a competence regarding subjective rights, are both highlighted. The steps taken by legislation, jurisprudence, and praxis towards the interpretation proposed by Fr. Gordon are briefly commented upon.

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