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Periodica de re canonica
Periodica de re canonica
Articles published in the journal Periodica de re canonica up to 2023 will gradually be made available in PDF format on this website (in the "open access" mode). Currently, the PDFs of 65 percent of the articles published between 1989 and 2018 are accessible.

Issues of the journal that are published as of 2024 are available for purchase from Àncora Editrice (in print or digital format).

Volume: 2021 - Issue: 1

Gianfranco Ghirlanda, Questioni canoniche sollevate dalla Cost. ap. Anglicanorum coetibus, 1-75

The intent of the article, ten years after the promulgation of the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum coetibus, is to offer, on behalf of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the necessary tools to interpret it correctly, in particular, regarding the Ordinariates’ role of welcoming faithful from Anglicanism, the members that can be part of it, the nature of the power of the Ordinary, and repercussions in the ecumenical sphere. The author sets about this task in two ways: a) by reconstructing the process of drafting the Constitution, through the acts made available to him by the Congregation, going back to the first requests coming from groups belonging to the Anglican com- munion; b) by refuting interpretations given by various authors, which appear incorrect in the light of the same acts, which re- veal the mind of the Legislator, Benedict XVI, who followed continously the work of the Joint Commission (comprised of both Catholics and Anglicans) which was in charge of examin- ing emerging issues and elaborating the Apostolic Constitution.

Chiara Minelli, Il "tesoro della Chiesa" nel tempo della pandemia, 77-121

The health emergency in progress has given stimulus to the granting of new indulgences that express, even on a technical level, an important functional balance to the supreme good of the salus animarum. The essay intends to highlight the ideal coherence of current disciplinary developments with the original physiognomy of the institute and, at the same time, the inno vative and inclusive range that qualifies the most recent concessions, in which emerges the of the union, even if only spiritual, «with desire» on the part of their recipients.

Ulrich Rhode, Las revistas canónicas, 123-144

During the past decades, we observe a considerable increase of the number of canon law periodicals. On the other hand, quite a number of periodicals have ceased publication. The article gives an over on the canon law periodicals, presenting their different types and characteristics. In this context, also the digital revolution is taken into account. Special attention is given to the bibliographies which cover the periodicals.

Romanae Rotae Tribunal, coram Erlebach, Decretum 29 iulii 2019. Quaerelae nullitatis et Novae causae propositionis, 145-153
Ulrich Rhode, La riservatezza delle informazioni ricevute nell’accompagnamento spirituale, 155-162
Come De Candolle, Paternité et autorité dans la vie religieuse à la lumière des canons 618 et 619 CIC 1983, 163-174
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